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The Magic of Sand Sculptures

Sculpting Sand

Sculpting Sand events create uniqueness, draw huge crowds, generate money and produce a media storm.



Jenny Rossen

The magic of Sand Sculptures crosses all cultural, ethnic and demographic divides.

We have a global client base who have been leveraging sand sculpture events to promote their product or place.

If you can think of it, we can carve it.

– Jennifer Rossen Sand Sculptures for Promotion, Master Sand Sculptor International, Event Producer, Creative consultant to Property Developers, Sand Sculpture Strategist



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Intricately carved sand sculptures are grabbing audience’s attention, our services include media stunts, Gala Events Festivals and Shopping Malls.


Here is what you will get:

We tell stories in sand that bring communities together and bring people into the moment.

And in Terms of ‘how’ we do what we do, we understand your key problems.

1. Creating uniqueness and developing a Kudos

2. Attracting people and building communities

3. Get Media Attention

4. Generating money

To solve these frustrations, we designed packages that deliver

  • A unique one off sculpture, incorporate logos and mascots
  • We identify your target market with activations for that demographic.
  • From start to finish sand sculptures is a media magnet with stunning pictures of both the sand sculptures and the smiles on the children’s face.
  • Raise money with activations or a Sand Park.

From conception through to completion and delivery. Sculpting sand can provide different packages tailored to your needs.

If you would like a custom-built sand sculpture for your event contact us now.


Dave Gartner
Dave Gartner -2

“We needed to do something unique which drew a crowd and got attention for our exhibit at the machinery dominant display – something that would really stand out and have a WOW factor.

We contacted Jennifer from Sculpting Sand and explained all the themes, ideas, and images we thought could work in the display.

The sand sculpture was more than we could have imagined and we won first prize for our stall display – the first time a machine or machinery dealer didn’t win the best display.

Everyone was talking about it and continues to mention our promotion.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer and her team and admire her work ethic and presentation.”

–Dave Gartner


Create a magic moment in Time with Sculpting Sand


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