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Sculpting Sand


Sculpting Sand is a full solution sand sculpting event company which works worldwide. We make giant big sand sculpture displays for any occasion as well as creating walk through Sand Sculpture Parks that attract crowds.

Founding Director Jennifer Rossen is a world champions Sand Master who has a passion for bringing art alive and creating magical moments in time.

“I love working with people from all over the world and seeing the delight in their faces, when the sand sculptures, surpasses their expectations and brings their community, brand or event alive” says Jennifer

“We can create anything you can imagine in sand.” Jennifer adds

“You will never forget the first time you see a professionally built sandcastle, the experience is breath taking”

Why Sculpting Sand

  • Sculpting Sand has been making displays world-wide for more 20 years. We give a custom design to every client, address their need and objectives tailored to their event theme and location.
  • Sculpting Sand has a network of the world’s best Sand masters; we use our relationships to recruit the sand artist with the right skills for your job.
  • We have the experience, infrastructure, skill set and professionalism to run any event any were in the world.

From conception through to completion and delivery. We can also offer ongoing maintenance, if you chose a sand sculpture park or a recurring event we can provide innovation to delight for years to come. Enhance your brand, attract people, tell stories and make a magical moment in time with Sculpting Sand.

Sculpting Sand will travel to any global location. We have extensive international experience email us now.

“Jennifer Rossen can transform artistic ideas into solid business propositions with proven financial return. She provides the structure and expertise that turns fanciful sand notions into bricks and mortar investment.”
Bryan Mather International Enterprise Architect.

Media Contact
For interviews or any high-resolution images please call
Jennifer Rossen – Managing Director – Sculpting Sand
Phone +61 439821906 or jenny [at] sculptingsand [dot] com

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