Frequently asked questions

1. How do you make the sand so hard?


We only use sand and water. Nothing is added to the sand the secret is the hard compaction, we compact it into boxes know as formwork. These boxes have no bottom or top so we can fill them up in stages or “lifts”. At each “lift” we mix the sand and water and compact it using a construction compactor or hand tamper.

The formwork stacks are designed for the shape of the sculpture underneath.  Formwork stacking continues until the desired height is reach. We may need a bobcat or a crane to lift the sand up to the top boxes.

We then pull the wooden formwork off and carve into the block of sand.  Intricate and delicate carving begins and when this block is finished we pull off the next formwork below and start carving this new reviled layer.

There is no formwork left on the sculpture when it is finished and the pile of sand has been carved to the ground.

2. How long does it take to make a sand sculpture?


Every project is different depending on the size, when you are working on a massive sand sculpture park you can have 30 sculptors working for 2 months. But a small 7-ton sculpture can be made in 3 days. The more time you have, to work on a project the more intricate the carving can be.

We work with all variables some clients want a huge sculpture with a big sculpting team but they want it to be made fast for an event. This is usually for a wedding or exclusive party where the client doesn’t want anyone to see the sculpture before the night. Other clients want a big display to be made over a longer time for a mall display so that their patrons can watch as the sculpture comes to life.

Some sculpture parks are carved in 3 weeks but stay up and open to the public for a year.

3.Do you draw a picture before you start?

Each sand sculpture is a unique and new. We can design with the client and create drawing beforehand so you know what to expect. Call us now to start your design.


Sometimes the client will give us a image and we can make a sculpture from that.
Other times we can create a drawing with many elements and carve using the drawing as a guide.
The drawings are just a guide as the sculptures are 3D and will be more intricate then the sketch.

4.What is the procedure for an event?

Set up and initial sculpting usually happens before the event starts. We bring in the sand and make a water proof floor and set up the exhibition. This is great for creating media attention with visuals of the pound up and the formwork boxes for lead up story to the event.

Pound up
To make the sand hard we do a pound up. We make formwork boxes these are boxes without a top or bottom. We then pack the sand down hard with a lot of water. After the boxes are removed then We will carve into the hard sand.
When you take the wood off then you carve into the block of sand.
Then the team of sculptors will carve the work as your patrons enjoy watching simple sand be transformed into sculptures. This is a performance art and our sculptors are happy answer questions and chat with the public.

Alternatively, we can create the work prior to the event for media stunts, film and gala events.

Interactive elements are available from sandcastle workshops to hide and seek games with elements carved into the sculptures for your clients to find. This works well with social media either for competitions or fund raising.

Special effects can be integrated into the sand sculptures.

5.What size sand sculpture do I need and what is the budget?


The bigger the pile of sand the higher the cost for the project that is if you are getting a beautifully intricately carved pile. You will also need to consider how big is the space that the sculpture will be in. How high are the ceilings and how big is the floor space.

Below is a guide for different piles of sand, call us now to find the size that suits you


6. What are the site requirements?

You can have a sand sculpture anywhere, inside or outside. We have made sand sculptures for 7 start hotels and resorts, In Shopping Malls, large displays in tents and in fields and on beaches. However, we will need access to the site bring the sand and materials in. We also need access to water via a hose with an on/off valve at one end.

We will need to know if there are any parking arias, rooms or tunnels below the site. We have made sand sculptures on mezzanine floors.

If the weather is very harsh then we may need a marquee during the time of carving.

7. What happens to the sculptures when it rains?

Srainculptures can be carved in inclement weather and if it is not a massive storm then it shouldn’t disturb the sc
ulptures too much. When the sculptures are finished, they are sprayed with an environmentally friendly biodegradable glue that gives them a ‘water resistant’ coating. This creates a barrier but over time the wind and rain will damage the finer details. Sand sculptures that are made inside can last for years.

8. What sort of sand do you need for sand sculptures?

Sand is a commodity that you buy and so when you go to the sand shop you need to buy the best sand for compacting. This is sharp sand or could be described as sand which has body. It is the same sand that you need for building and is often used in the foundations. The little particles of this type of sand are jagged and stick together like a puzzle. This sand may have silt and clay in it and can be collected from an old river bed.
There are lots of different types of sand in the world but most places will have a “building sand” try to get one without rocks and pebbles.
This is different to the sand on most beached especially where the waves are big. The surf will wear down the grains and smooth them out. This sand will be rounded grains and will not stack up well. Another sand to avoid is washed sand as all the good bulky stuff is taken out so again this sand will not work well.

9. What can you make with sand sculptures?

If you can think of it we can probably carve it out of sand. We can make portraits of people or scenes from history. Cars and products as well as mascots and logos can help you get sponsorship for your project. But the best sculptures need to be more than just a billboard.

We make sculpture for media stunts with celebrities, golfers, tennis players, footballers, racing car drivers. We can create an interactive sculpture to grab media attention.

Sculptures with a narrative are always popular such as a castle. A sand castle tells a thousand stories of knights and princesses wizards and warlocks. It is best to make a great sand sculpture to attract people and media to your event. Call us now and we can think up a great story and themes for your display.

10. What does it cost?

We work on a project basis. Sand sculptures are priced by these things;
Size of the pile of sand how big is it? The intricacy of the carve, some things need more sculptors to carve it, so you could say the number of sculptors that you require. The location – where in the world is your event, is it inside or outside? What time of year is your event?

Different times of the year are much busier then others and it is hard to book sculptors. Other factors will be the lead up time, if you need a sculpture next week then it will cost more to arrange flights and get everyone to drop everything and come and work on your project.

Large sand sculpture parks spend millions of dollars creating the work but they get a return on investment when people pay to come and see the exhibitions.

Email or ring us now so we can work out what is best for your project.