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Sculpting Sand

Size does matter 

Below is an photo of how big the sculpture is in comparison to a person. This picture is an example of a 100 ton sand sculpture which was made by my business Sculpting Sand in UAE Dubai for the Dubai Shopping Festival 2001(DFS).

We are building a huge sand sculpture

This year in Perth City we will be creating a massive 100 ton sand sculpture, four to five meters high at Elizabeth Quay (near the “First Contact” sculpture and foot bridge).

This intricately carved sculpture will take most of November to make. Jennifer Rossen (aka Jenny the sand castle girl) grew up in Perth and she is an International, Sand Sculpture Master who has made a career out of carving sand. She has invited her Sand Master friends to build the Christmas Sand Sculpture Village Here in the City 2022.

Sand Sculpture is a performance art and people love to watch as the giant pile of sand is transformed. You’ll want to visit time and time again to see how simple sand is intricately carved into an incredible piece of fine art.

“The best part of the job for me, is the first time
I hear someone call out “Oh look it’s a castle” or
a dragon or whatever I am carving.”
explains Jenny
“We use water to make a hard sand pile and then carve out what we are imagining in our heads”

It will take the whole month of November to create the Christmas Village. The work will begin in the first week but will be ready for the public by November 16th . Then the team will continue to work till the end of month. The sculpture will be on display for the whole of December and then we take it out January 2nd 2023 the way it came in by truck.

The international team of sand masters includes

Leonardo Uogliani – Italian Master
Daeyong Ji – Korean Master
Kevin Crawford – American Master
Ilya Filimontsev -Russian Master
Steven Machell – Australian Beach busker Byron Bay
Jenny Rossen – Australian- Perth Master Sculptor

We are not building a Sand Castle this time.

Nativity Scene

one side will depict the Nativity Scene carved in the tradition of the old masters. This will show the holy family in the stable with the animals, cows, donkeys and sheep. Outside you will see the City of Bathlehem on the hill

Santa Surprise

On the other side of the sculpture is a fun Santa surprise for the kids. May be Santa coming down a chimney or flying off in his sled but we can’t tell you because it’s a surprise.

Lights at Night

Once complete, the sand sculpture will become an evening spectacular which will be beautifully lit up at night. At this time the City of Perth Christmas Light trail will be on. Sculptures also look great with specialty lighting features.

Fun family quiz

There will be four smaller table top sculpture carved with Christmas themes. Each sculpture will have hidden pieces carved in the art work, so you can take on the challenge and see if you can crake the quiz.

Sandcastle Workshops

For the young and those who didn’t bother to grow up, we will run some sand sculpture workshops from 18th November – 21st through to 2nd December . These are free and will run afternoons form 3.30 -5.30 and the evening. 7.30 -9pm.

Beach Sandcastle  

Jenny Rossen grew up making sandcastles on Cottesloe Beach, most professional sand sculptors started that way and then a passion for sand took them all around the world . But some sand sculptors never left the beach. Stevie from Sandology makes castle on Byron Bay Beach. His specialty is making awesome hippy castles with candles inside for sunset. He makes his living form busking on the beach. He will be showing people how to make sand stand with beach sand, old school style. Workshops in the afternoon and evening

The Workshop space will be open from 2.30pm- 5.30pm and in the evening form 7.30 -9pm Friday 18th November – 21st through to Friday 2nd December

Our Sponsors

This project was made possible by

> CBD Revitalisation Grant Program – Delivered by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

> Further Funding and Support form DevelopmentWA